Diet Of Sally Fouad " Nutrition Expert "

Here are advises by Sally Fouad Expert in diet , She loss 25 Kg for her weight of 25 kg in 6 months.

The Diet

Morning ,

Tea with milk with sugar fructose or sugar Diet , sometimes replaced him with drink ginger and lemon and red tea with small spoon honey , even weight loss best he drink increases the rate of burning .

After one hour :

Apple or any fruit , but the fruit of one so as not to increase the rate of blood sugar , and therefore hunger and fat storage .

Two hours later :

Cup f yogurt with oats and barley , flour with small spoon honey and cinnamon.

And after two hours :

Nescafe cup with sugar Diet

After one hour :

Cucumber slices and tomato and pepper colored with 2 spoon cheeses such as feta .

After three hours :

Protein such as eggs with cottage cheese , chicken grilled , or filet mignon , with a low-fat soup or salad.

Two hours later :

Cup of tea with milk sugar diet only

And an hour before going to sleep :

Lite yogurt cup with sugar diet and lemon juice and with small spoon honey .

Important tips for the success of this diet:

Fruit during the day and protein after Maghreb and yogurt before going to sleep .

Reducing carbohydrates as much as possible to make the body burn fat instead of sugar stocks .

Recommend after three days of drinking only drinks sugar -free , and water .

Recommend make one day free every week but without the overkill .

Sport as much as possible , to maintain the muscle mass in the body , because it is the main factor in the burning body.

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