Bride & Clueless 12

Hiiiiiiiiii girls, how are you? How was your valentine’s day??? I hope you had lots of fun ;). So today we will talk about the hairdressers but don’t forget what we said, you must first decide what hairstyle you want especially that each one has a specialty & you Must have a trial session just to make sure the style suits you.

So here it goes, the first one is Mohamed Al Sagheer, he is the biggest in Egypt, whether in Cairo or Alexandria. Also in the gulf! All the staff is very professional & really know what they are doing
Also there is Sayed Reheem who is more than amazing, He is really good & has a great variety of styles.

If you are in Alex, the newest star is Hema Joe, he does every bride now, he has new ideas & very punctual which is very important at such a day.
So decide for yourselves & book now. Good luck everyone.

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